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The Seaman & Sons Step-By-Step Building Process


Seaman & Sons Builders takes the worry out of building a  custom home. As one of the finest of Bruce County general contractors, we do it all from lot selection or evaluation to permits.  “While you’re busy selecting window treatments, carpeting and siding colours, we’ll be building your new home with you by our side”  Time frames are subject to weather and selection of your custom details.

There are choices available to you:

  1. Your Lot: We will evaluate your lot to determine what type of custom home can be built on it, what it will cost to develop the land, and building limitations and restrictions, if any.

  2. One Of Our Lots: We will review with you the various lots that we have only if we believe there is a suitable match to your home design needs and wants.

  3. A Lot For Sale: You may have your eye on the perfect lot for you.  We’ll help you evaluate it.

  4. Locations: We cover all of Saugeen Shores including Southampton, Port Elgin and surrounding areas


Step 2. Home Design Selection:

We recognize this is the most personal step of the decision making process when building a custom home. We will attempt to make this as enjoyable and easy as possible by showing you some of our past projects.. We can direct you to an architect .  Many of our homes and renovations are done by us working with our customers. We’ll also work with your architect of choice and help you save money in the process.

Step 3. Mortgage Application and Acceptance:

We can help direct you to our fine local banks, if you are a first time resident.

Step 4. Permit Application:

All of the building and grading permit application work is done by us. We follow up on every local, county  requirement.

Step 5. Permit Approval:

Once your building permit is approved we will be coordinating all of the sub-contractors committed to your project.  They have worked with us for years.  We offer you our combined experience.  We are a team.  We’ve been together a long time.  Within a few days, we will develop a schedule for your review and planning purposes.

Step 6. Ground-Breaking:

Construction begins on your new home quickly upon receipt of an approved building permit.

Step 7.  Inspections:

Some steps of the building process require approvals by appropriate inspectors.  Here is an example plan for a large home.  It  may not represent your circumstances, home or exact timetable, but it is a good guideline so you can see what’s involved.



1: Footings
2: Backfill
3: Drain Tile
4: Framing
5: Slabs & Basement


1: Ground
2: Rough-In
3: Final

Water & Sewer:

1: Sewer
2: Water
3: Final Inspection



1: Service Connect
2: Rough-In
3: Final Inpection


1: Rough-In
2: Final Inspections



1: Final Approval by Seaman Builders and Building Inspector2.  Homeowner Approval and move-in


Step 8. Use And Occupancy:

Once your custom home or renovation is completed and the final building approval is granted by the appropriate inspectors, you can get ready to move right in and enjoy it.  Remember, we are your new neighbors.


Step 9.

We Stand Behind Our Work. Congratulations! We build with quality.  If anything is amiss, we work with you and our vendors.  Since you are our neighbour, we see your home all the time.  We want the community to be better for each project we do.  Remember, in a tight knit community where reputation is vital, you become our references  — “We become your neighbours”.

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