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Imagine living in a home where the air is clean and fresh all the time. A home that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A home with even temperatures throughout-no drafts and no cold spots. A quiet, peaceful home with less noise and dust.

R-2000 Homes offer you this level of comfort. R-2000 construction means a home that is solidly built and uniquely suited to Canada’s demanding climate. The technology built into every R-2000 Home protects the quality of the indoor air-reducing pollutants in the home and delivering fresh air to every room.

True comfort comes from living in a home that is healthy, clean and quiet-all part of the R-2000 Advantage.


A Healthy Home

The air in many homes is filled with things that can affect how we feel. Chemicals given off by synthetic materials. Dust and pollen that seep into the air through cracks and leaks in the home’s walls. Mold and fungus that thrive on moisture in basements, bathrooms and kitchens. Odours produced through cooking and other household activities.

About one in four Canadians are allergic to these and other contaminants commonly found in our homes. Even if you’re not an allergy sufferer, the long-term affects of living in polluted air should be a concern.

R-2000 builders take a number of steps to provide you with a healthy environment to live in:

  • They minimize the use of products like alkyd paints, formaldehyde-bonded particle board, solvent-based finishes and adhesives or carpeting that emit chemicals.

  • They choose some building components from a list of healthier alternatives such as water-based paints and finishes, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, linoleum, sealed wood products and carpeting that gives off fewer chemical odours.

  • They take extra care to seal exterior walls, preventing outdoor pollutants from entering your home.

  • They install a whole-house mechanical ventilation system that provides fresh, filtered air continuously to every room and removes excess humidity and odours.

If you’re looking for a new home that was designed and built to provide a healthy place to live, look at an R-2000 Home.


Fresh Air

In most homes, the amount of fresh air you get is largely accidental. In cold weather or when it is windy, you may get more than you want or need. On warm or windless days, you may not get enough.

In an R-2000 Home, fresh air isn’t left to chance. You control it.

  • Every R-2000 Home comes with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), a simple device that draws in fresh, filtered outside air to replace stale indoor air.

  • The only thing that stays in your home is the heat which is transferred from the exhaust air to the incoming air.

  • And unlike an open window, an HRV sends this fresh air to every room in your home in a controlled manner-continuously, 24 hours a day.

How well does an HRV work? The air in an R-2000 Home is replaced by fresh outside air about 8 times a day. The cost? Pennies a day. A small price to pay for breathing easy.

And on a cool spring evening when the air outside is fresh and sweet, you can still open a window and enjoy it.


Even Temperatures

Using far less energy than most houses, an R-2000 Home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • The high level of insulation built into every R-2000 Home helps keep the heat where you want it, winter and summer. You save energy dollars all year around!

  • The solid construction and quality windows and doors used in R-2000 Homes means you can say good-bye to drafts and cold spots in the winter. No cold floors, no leaky windows, no bundling up with blankets and extra sweaters because of uncomfortable drafts!

  • The mechanical ventilation system (HRV) helps eliminate “stratification”, i.e., hot air under the ceiling and cold air at floor level. No more cold feet!


A Quiet Home

Is your neighbourhood a little noisy? Do late night traffic noises, loud neighbours or a barking dog sometimes disturb your sleep? With an R-2000 Home, more of this outside noise will stay where it belongs-outside.


  • R-2000 Homes are very quiet. This is because of how the exterior walls are built. Insulation is a poor transmitter of sound so the extra insulation in an R-2000 Home acts to stop outside noises.

  • R-2000 builders take care to seal air leaks. This improves the energy efficiency of the home and further reduces the ability of noise to travel into the home from outside.


With extra insulation and careful attention to all construction details, an R-2000 Home is a peaceful, private home. Another R-2000 Advantage.


A Clean Home

Ever wonder where all the dust in your home comes from? In an R-2000 Home, dust has a much harder time gaining a foothold.

  • In older, leaky homes much of it come in through the hundreds of tiny cracks and leaks in outside walls. (Along with a lot of cold air in the winter!)

  • The air handling systems built into every R-2000 Home keep the air circulating properly and allow air filters to do their job efficiently. Without an efficient air handling and filtering system, this dust won’t be removed from your home’s air. That leaves the job up to you.

  • By comparison, the solid construction and air sealing of an R-2000 Home virtually eliminate drafts and dust from outside.


You’re in Control


An R-2000 Home is a well constructed, well equipped home that is designed to put you in charge of your environment, your home and your pocketbook.

  • Fresh air isn’t left to chance-you control it using a whole-house fresh air ventilation system.

  • Comfort isn’t left to chance-solid construction, special attention to sealing cracks and joints in the home and extra insulation means you get the indoor temperatures you want.

  • Energy-efficient construction and mechanical systems mean remarkably low energy costs, even at the peak of the heating season.

  • When you chose an R-2000 Home you don’t lose any of the things you look for in a new home-you can work with your builder to get the perfect design and floor plan and all of the traditional features you want.


An R-2000 Home simply puts you in control, so you get what you want without fighting Mother Nature.

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